Buying House


At Acreaty South Africa, we offer all the features you want from a Buying House or Export House platform. Our consultants are famed for their aptitude of functional and technical knowledge coupled with experience in different industry segments & their products. They ensure that our respected clients take advantage of the professional and most effective international product deals. We offer a great procurement channel where a third Party is utilized to purchase low value goods and services from various different suppliers from the desired or potential country. We always bring you the finest Buying House services in South Africa with professionalism every time you seek our services. The main objective of the company is to provide the best assistance to our clients, who were facing communications problems with their international associates / buyers/suppliers.


Buying House services in South Africa-Acreaty offers all services associated with trading houses:


  • Market selection and Market research
  • Commercial and technical negotiations
  • Vendor development
  • Financial arrangements, including securing credits
  • Counter-Trading
  • Protection against export risks
  • Export documentation and shipping
  • After sale service
  • Project export, consortia and tender business
  • Creating distribution networks abroad.


We secure value growth for your business by leveraging the expertise and experience. With the teams having good exposure to the different potential International Markets; we also manage risk, ensure compliance and finally protect your business reputation. We ensure the most effective, simplified, standardised and automated buying & selling process.


Some benefits of acquiring Buying House services in South Africa from Acreaty are:


  • We create the bridge between manufacturers/ producers and buyers/consumers of products and services.
  • We suggest manufacturers on the potential of their quality products in precise markets.
  •  Our experts assist manufacturers with promotional activities overseas.
  • We negotiate terms & conditions that will be satisfying to all the parties involved.
  • We completely take care of and prepare all the documents required in the completion of an international business transaction.
  • Our team manages and control the risks related to a commercial transaction involving the export of goods/ products, shipping & other additional tasks.
  • We advise producers/manufacturers on product characteristics and in the chosen target markets.
  • We enable big corporations to work alongside small firms with efficiency.

Acreaty can take a lot of the responsibility involved in an international business transaction off the producers/manufacturer’s shoulders. This way each party can focus on what it is doing better. Our success is based upon our capability to respond flexibly to our clients’ separate needs for both big, as well as small projects. Overall, we are handling all above activities under one roof to enable our partners to get the international trade deals.


Give us an opportunity to serve you. We help you grow your business & fulfill your needs from global markets while sitting at a single place.