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payroll firms in South Africa

How Acreaty payroll services in South Africa can help corporates in long run?

Payroll is one of the most important tasks of business management; it is operational from one location and can serve companies in different locations. The role payroll firms in South Africa are to handle all the major tasks using an efficient system.  These companies have a proper understanding of payments, wages and other government polices with the proper license to handle the process. With the promise of security the service provider helps in account management to validate the expenses and incomes of the company.


Many times it is hard for the HR domains to maintain the employee attendance and leave records. The company not only manages that but also helps to make it more understanding for the company processing and customized reporting. Keeping data like bank details and processing the amounts based on the given information is sometimes challenging for the companies, the third party needs to maintain an error free statement of account for the different employees in the organization. This whole process is taking time and companies are getting trapped in the things which result in loss of time and if done incorrectly they have to manage several things to solve the issue.


Companies some how manages payrolls in the house and manage the wrong  things by coordinating with the employees of the organization. This has a disadvantage of employee demotivation and also the employee also has to suffer. When it comes to government compliance taxes like local tax, state tax and other the third party keeps an eye on the latest changes in the policies to provide validated and recorded information to the authorities.

Acreaty provides these Payroll Outsourcing Services in South Africa to its contracted clients.

  • Complete HR services with government approvals.
  • Completely scalable and highly customizable Payroll software.
  • Payroll handling of different countries, and legal entities with simplified services.
  • Platform for Employees to self-service in context for records retrieval or personal detail changes.
  • Reports to compare and execute strategies based on time different time period for any payroll element.
  • Strictly formula and rules based company and corporates level payroll solutions.
  • System generated payment to employees, creditors and statutory authorities with settlement to the company Ledger account.
  • Timely data records and reporting to the clients.


Acreaty is a business consulting organization and provides the best Payroll Outsourcing Services in South Africa for all employees and employers across the country. The most prominent and experienced firm helps its clients with professional services and simplify your payroll and HR process. We ensure that our clients will get the best solution for their required services.