Knowledge Process Outsourcing

KPO services in South Africa

Acreaty – As an Expert in delivering innovative KPO Services in South Africa

We offer a host of KPO Solutions and services in South Africa to those business organizations that want to fast-track their business growth and reduce their overhead expenses. At Acreaty, our KPO departments offer customised services covering a huge range of industry domains and verticals. For over two decades, we have built strong international credibility in the KPO solutions and services business by delivering high value-added services to our clienteles.

We have a comprehensive Knowledge process outsourcing solutions in South Africa to suit organisations of every size including:

• Small businesses

• Mid-sized businesses

• Big enterprises

For any business it is crucial that you have all the right data and information to ensure the important information and knowledge which is extracted out of that data can profit your business. We offer KPO services in South Africa covering areas include Business Research, Human Resources, Legal Research, Research and Development, Learning Solutions, Marketing Research, Data Analytics, Business and Technical Analysis, Financial Services, Business and Market Research, Writing and Content Development, Legal Process Outsourcing, Network Management, Training and Consultancy, etc.

Why Should You Choose Acreaty?

• Deliver best-of-breed KPO solutions to our clients
• Stringently focus on our client’s business needs
• Security of your confidential information
• Dedicatedly serves clients from different domains and industry verticals
• Completely trained team of experts to mitigate associated risk
• Time management with our custom-designed KPO services
• Excellence in services and speedy deliveries
• Advanced with the latest technology and allow you to focus on core business capabilities
• Fully Committed to driving efficiency and return of investment (ROI)

The prime benefit of KPOs not only remains the cost savings, but it also allows the added benefit of leveraging the experience and expertise of specialists and experts in their specific areas.
At Acreaty, our main goal is to deliver a potential and an exemplary outsourcing solution. We possess years of experience and have been trusted partners of several prominent enterprises in South Africa. With our cost-effective services and guaranteed quality, your organisation can make perfect business decisions and get ahead of your competitors.

We deliver an outstanding KPO Solution customised to each and every client’s business — big or small.

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