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payroll services in South Africa

Payroll outsourcing is all about profits in the long-run

In this competitive time of globalization if companies focus on the non-core domain it could make them in trouble as every new project comes with an idea and process, which need an investment, technology and all other factors to start a new process. The best way out for an organization is to outsource. When we talk about payroll outsourcing it could serve the need of all the related payroll services.
Acreaty South Africa provides direct and simple payroll services to its client so that they can focus on their specialized domains.

When the organization outsource with the Best payroll outsourcing services some of the benefits they can enjoy includes

  • Payment of the wages to the clients and employees on time – With this feature when you outsource, the payments will be on time and will bring the smile on the faces of your client and employees. This is one of the positive impacts of your company on the employer and the clients.
  • Proper management of Entire payroll- The outsource company will take care of the entire payroll which also includes the bookkeeping, auditing and other account measures so as to avoid any problem related to payroll.
  • Calculation of wages- The organization will take care of the all the calculations, they know there math’s and also will give the 100% error free calculations. So it will be easy for your organization to file taxation documents as well.
  • Submitting reports to the tax authorities and insurance companies and many more- the outsourcing company analyzes the previous year reports and accordingly will help you in getting the right documentation related with insurance and other benefited tools for an organization.
  • Payroll processing is a job that has to be done at the end of every month as your organization has to pay the wages to the employees. By keeping the details of records of attendance, debt, advances, and other payable s and receivables. An outsourcing firm supports the organization to take necessary decisions.
  • The African tax system is complex and one needs to be fully involved to understand how to handle that. This is a job that the payroll outsourcing company does well. Improper filing of taxes is not acceptable in any country and Fines could be very high for this. The organization take cares of these measures and ensure the correct filling of related tax amount for every employee.
  • A perfect outsourcing firm ensures the complete data security because the data is highly confidential, as it is the part of the information which includes the amount to be paid and to be received with all the tax filing information. If data security breaches than there could be long-term troubles.
  • Acreaty South Africa uses the latest possible technology to run and manage your payroll system. This gives surety that the information we are dealing with is highly important and leak proof. Technology is something which can change the world into a better platform so we do all the homework to make our software’s up-to-date.


At Acreaty, which is one of the best management consultancies in South Africa, we use the most advanced technology systems to process the payroll of your organization. It is completely okay to have ten or ten thousand employees; we filter each and every payroll to ensure that all your tax and other charges are up-to-date and submitted to the respective authorities.

The well-experienced experts will be answering any question related with you or your employees may have regarding the earnings or deductions. In addition, the experts also measure tracking of debt, advances, and other payable s and receivables.

The payroll outsourcing company will provide you with the best way to have a great employee management. The facility of payroll management is easy to take and is completely employee-centric and works effectively with the companies HR.