Payroll Outsourcing

Acreaty South Africa is one of the leading professional Companies for payroll services in South Africa. Outsourcing your Payroll processing and management to Acreaty can save your precious time and money. At Acreaty, our in-house team of experienced and specialised payroll & compliance uses a cutting-edge Human Resource Payroll management tool to offer best-in-class services. The primary advantages of payroll outsourcing and management include reduced costs and better service.

Payroll services in South Africa – Extra Advantage to the Company

Unfortunately, for many companies, payroll processing and management can prove to be a hassle due to:

• Payroll computation errors.

• Issues with income tax & statutory compliance bodies.

• High fixed costs of payroll process & management.

The method of payroll outsourcing helps companies to eases the stress of work related to payroll file, tax returns on time and helps you focus better on your core business activities. Acreaty is one of the best providers of payroll  services in South Africa. We simplify the complexities of the process by offering a highly comprehensive payroll processing service. The experienced payroll and compliance management team uses latest tool, technology and software. We offer innovative payroll outsourcing solutions to employers of all sizes – SMEs or big enterprises.

Payroll outsourcing services in South Africa – Why trust Acreaty?


• Error-free payroll management and process

• Access to up-to-date and correct information

• On-site support to resolve queries related to Taxation & Investments

• Custom-made MIS reports as per requirement

• Secure internet based technology

• High levels of service, support and training

• Exclusive assistance in the matters of tax-management.

• Updates on new provisions in the Income Tax laws in India

• Client’s employee information remains fully confidential

Our experienced team believes in giving services on time and with complete accuracy, thus ensuring that your Human Resource team can focus on core HR issues and leave the payroll worries to us! From management of employees’ attendance to computation of salary to deduction of tax and then onto management of voluntary PF, arrears, etc., we offer end-to-end Payroll solutions. Our specialised payroll services in South Africa include:


• Reimbursement Management

• Automatic Attendance system

• Employee insurance deductions

• Provision of online access to payroll files

• Online Access to View or Print Salary Slip

• Web-based/online employee self-service

• Workflow for Overtime, Vacation Leave, Sick Leave and Expense Approval

• Settlement of withholding taxes and contributions to respective government agencies

• Web-based Processing of Payroll, F&F, Reports Generation, Reimbursement, etc.

• ESS (Employee Self Service): Technology for employees to view salary slip, submit IT declaration, etc. online.

We effectively reduce the extra burden of your company by offering payroll services tailored to your business needs.